Turf Management

Turf Management

Managing your grass and turf in Melbourne

Turf can be a wonderful feature to your home in case that you don't have the best grass, don't want to have to upkeep your grass, or just prefer the turf look. However, if done incorrectly, it can be withered by the next season and be patchy, have bugs infesting it or other unsightly things. Contact us for a free quote and we will try out best to sort it out for you, whether it be your home, business, or a school, we've got you covered.

Turf Management Melbourne

Turf Management in Melbourne

Discolored and rough grass patches ruin the first impression of your garden. Regardless of the hard work you put in maintaining the area, your efforts prove to be useless at times. There may be many reasons for your unfruitful efforts.

1. Stop wasting your energy and time grooming your lawn

Stop wasting your energy and time spent while grooming such patches of grass and opt for artificial turf. It adds a consistent beauty to the area and is easier to maintain than real grass. However, some care is still required so that it looks evergreen.

Without proper care, the turf can also get ruined over the years.
Therefore, we have gathered a few easy tips for the maintenance of your turf.

2. Dealing with Mild Stains

Each turf has its unique needs. Unlike real grass, stains do not grow out of turfs. It is very easy to spill something accidentally on your beautiful lawn while enjoying a family BBQ or having a tea party. Numerous liquids are bound to leave stains on the turf. These include tea, coffee, blood, urine, alcohol, cola and so much more.

3. Time is of the essence - the sooner you attend to the stain the better

In such cases, time is of the essence. The sooner you attend to the stain the better. To avoid long-lasting and stubborn stains rinse the area with water combined with a mild detergent. This will not damage the fibers of the turn.

4. Dealing with Stubborn Stains

At times the stains do not wash away with water and mild detergent. In such scenarios, ammonia mixtures and mineral sprits are required. Cleaning with stronger solutions can prove to be tricky as they may leave stains of their own if used carelessly. Take professional help for tough stains.

5. Removing Sticky Stuff

Chewing gum or tree sap can easily find their way on the turf and end up ruining the fibers. You can try scraping them off with care. In case it doesn’t come off you can try applying aerosol refrigerants or dry ice on the spot.

6. Everyday Wear and Tear

Everyday wear and tear are the most prominent reasons behind ruined turfs. Proper care is required to extend the life of the turf from 15 to 20 years.

The debris should be cleared regularly. Cross brushing and rinsing are essential for the evergreen look. Wind often blows in leaves and branches which need to be removed every week. Coldwater is used for rinsing the area and removing pollen and dust particles.

7. Brushing your turf maintains it's look and style

Regular brushing of the turf is essential for avoiding the matted look. It keeps the fiber separate and thus looks fresh.

8. Different brands of turf have unique maintenance needs

Each turf has its unique maintenance needs that are essential for increasing its life span. Without proper care and tending, the turf can get ruined.

The fibers are damaged due to the daily wear and tear, thus deteriorating its aesthetic outlook. The lawn may look untidy due to the stubborn stains. In addition to this, numerous other factors may cause damage to your beautiful turf.

9. Landscaping Melbourne for Your Turf Management Needs

Our team of trained professionals can tend to your every need. Trust us to set up your turf and maintain it flawlessly.

We can provide a free quote for your space. Don’t miss this opportunity and let your investment go to waste. Contact us now at Landscaping Melbourne for further details.

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