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Tree Lopping and tree removal in Melbourne

Whether you are seeking our tree service for a specific need – or you are just looking for regular maintenance, our tree care experts and arborists at Landscapes Melbourne can take care of anything you need done. Some of our popular services include (but are not limited to):

  • All forms of Tree pruning services
  • All forms of landscape and tree Maintenance
  • Complete Tree Felling and complete removal
  • Tree trimming and shaping services
  • Safe dead tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Mulching
  • Rectification landscape design and construction
  • Certified arborist services, and more!

Frequently Asked tree and stump removal questions

How much will tree lopping in Melbourne cost me? 

We pride ourselves on offering the best quality services at the lowest prices. It is our desire and intention to successfully accomplish what you need while saving you money in the process, GUARANTEED!

Depending on the specific type of tree you have, or work you desire to be completed, our experts will take into account such factors such as the height and condition of your tree(s) as well as the location of your tree.

These factors combined and balanced will allow us to provide you with a free quote and most importantly a clear explanation of the safest and most cost effective process of achieving your desired outcome. We pride ourselves on giving our customers a fantastic and beneficial yet affordable experience!

Why should I consider tree pruning? 

Although we appreciate, and tree pruning can enhance the beauty and aesthetics of your home or landscape, keeping your friends and family safe is a primary reason for pruning a tree.  Tree pruning involves assessing and determining specific branches or stems on your tree which will require removal.  Dead branches can fall at any time causing damage to anything around it, especially on many of our Australian Native species.

Consider the size and location of your tree

Consider the size and location of your tree and what may be around it. We have seen and know of many instances where people, buildings, and power lines are injured or damaged as a result of fallen branches or trees.

The act of pruning itself may be a safety hazard considering the size and location of the tree.  Luckily, our tree service experts are ready to handle any dangers at hand. Proper tree pruning will keep your tree healthy and beautiful while extending the lifespan of the tree itself.  Trees that are pruned increase the light and air penetration leading to the inside of the tree’s crown.

Tree Lopping Melbourne

It’s best to prune in winter 

Pruning during winter is most common, as this is when many species of trees are in their dormant stage, resulting in a flourishing environment for the tree to grow during spring.

However, summer pruning has become increasingly popular and advisable also as it helps direct the growth of the tree by slowing the branches you don’t want and redirecting the tree's nutrients into the branches and areas you want to encourage and enhance.

Excessive growth of specific branches has led some trees to grow into areas of hazard, such as buildings or power lines. Defective limbs are also seen more easily during summer, as this is when the beauty of your tree really shines.

Our tree service experts work with all types of pruning techniques

Our tree service experts work with all types of pruning techniques, such as thinning, cleaning, raising, and reduction.  Thinning mostly consists of selective branch removal to retain the tree’s structure and shape.

This is where air and light movement through the crown is increased. Cleaning generally consists of removing dead branches, while raising removes the lower branches of a tree for higher clearance.

The reduction is done to reduce the width or height of your tree. Whatever it may be, we are ready for whatever pruning services you throw at us!

3 Reasons for stump removal

  1. Stumps can attract pests and termites.After removing a tree, sometimes the hardest part is removing the stump.Not only do we like to finish the job and keep our landscapes looking as clean and maintained as possible, but stumps can actually attract pests and termites.
  2. Stumps can continue to grow.Not only will stumps sometimes begin to grow again, but they will continue to take up space, use precious and much needed water and nutrients in your soil and garden bed.
  3. Stumps can also be a hazard to mow around and eventually get in the way of things you want to put in place of it.

Don’t settle for the job half done, hire one of our professionals today to remove the stump for you.

We will completely and thoroughly remove the stump all the way down to the roots, and even refill the topsoil if you ever choose to plant something new in the future.

Even if you decide the stump isn't anything to worry about, it's good to properly spray the tree to avoid regeneration.

When is tree removal necessary? 

Trees can often become unstable or start to die for a number of reasons.  They can become infested or ridden with disease, or damaged from weather patterns.

Removing a tree is sometimes a tough process and can become a liability if something surrounding is damaged or somebody is hurt.  Leave tasks like this to experienced arborist and tree care service professionals, who will remove it safely.

A dead or dying tree may affect other areas of your yard and lawn as well.  Removing it is necessary to even protect the lifespan of the trees surrounding it.  If you have a dead or dying tree around your property, call one of our experts today.

Here are 3 reasons that trees may need to be removed:

1. Roots growing under your driveway

2. Trees leaning towards your house or near your house that may fall onto your home

3. it may be necessary to remove a tree to protect the lifespan and growth of the trees surrounding it

4. A tree may be growing under a fence or into water or drainage pipes

5. Trees may be growing towards your house, fence, neighbours house or another structure

Does it matter which trees I plant? 

The wrong tree in the wrong environment can lead to problems down the road, such as issues with growth, insects, and disease, not to mention the heightened risk that can be caused.

Planting the right tree in the proper environment will ensure that trees are as healthy as possible in the long-term and also act as a benefit to the location they are in.  Trees are meant to produce oxygen, food, and shade without any disruptions.

Why you should make sure to plant the right trees

Planting the right trees will not only prevent soil erosion but also keep the tree and its surrounding area beautiful and well-nourished.

The trees that you choose to plant will strongly depict the atmosphere and create the energy of your beautiful landscape! Strong, vibrant trees as part of a client-specific and directed landscape ensures long term enjoyment, benefit, and safety for your families and this is why we love and enjoy what we do so much.

Value-based tree lopping and tree removal service Melbourne

Give us a call at Landscaping Melbourne today and let us know how we can provide you with the utmost in enjoyable and cost-effective value-based tree lopping and tree removal service possible.

Our crews are highly skilled in the practice of removing and pruning and shaping trees while keeping the people, property and other assets nearby out of harm’s way.

Preventative care is the best method for promoting longevity of trees

At Landscaping Melbourne, we uphold the idea that preventative care is the best method for promoting the longevity of trees. Because of this, tree removals are often something we seek to avoid.

However, we understand that sometimes it is a necessary part of landscape management as circumstances beyond anyone's control can warrant a tree removal.

Trees growing in overcrowded areas sometimes need to be removed for the safety of those using the space below. This not only provides a safer environment for humans, but it also allows the remaining plants to grow and thriver.

Dead, dying dangerously overhanging trees that are seen to have a high level of risk may be removed to prevent injury to people or animals, or damage to property, such as cars.

Safety first

Un-managed and maintained trees can pose a serious and often deadly risk. Performing the necessary tree and landscape work and maintenance can help manage and significantly reduce this risk although it can also be dangerous work to complete.

The most hazardous aspect of arboriculture practice often involves tree workers manoeuvring themselves and their equipment around confined spaces near homes, utility lines, and other sensitive areas.

To remove dangerous trees and branches in these kinds of environments safely and cost-efficiently, tree loppers need a wide range of experience, training and the right tools and equipment for the situation.

Safety and respect for the surrounding environment are our top priorities at Landscaping Melbourne when performing tree removals.

At Landscaping Melbourne we take tree safety seriously

1. We respect the surrounding area

2. Our staff are highly trained

3. We take your safety and our safety seriously

Tree Removal in Melbourne

Our arborists and tree crews at Landscaping Melbourne are highly trained in the art and science of tree removal. We strive to bring the best and safest work practices to our employees and clients. Each Landscaping Melbourne branch contractor is adequately and professionally Certified in the area in which they work.

Stump Removal & Grinding 

Once we have removed the tree from your property or business the stump and large roots are left behind. Because the stump and roots can potentially continue to grow, cause a tripping hazard, and become a source for pests like ants, termites or even snakes we recommend removing the stump and roots.

At Landscaping Melbourne, we have the ability to grind and completely remove stumps and roots of all sizes. We then recycle the organic debris, using it to fill the resulting hole so that nobody can trip and fall into it. If needed we can then place a top layer of soil over the position of the stump hole and seed the area with grass.

Call Steve now to find out more about the tree removal services we offer or to get a free quote: 0431 968 383. Or you can head over to our contact page for more information.