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Although pools are quite expensive, it is a luxurious thing to have and it makes your yard look wonderful given that it was constructed properly. It also gives great comfort whenever it is a hot day. You can just jump in the pool and enjoy the water and get out whenever you want without the worry about a large number of random people around you. Contact us for a free inspection.

6 Pool Landscaping Ideas for All Budgets

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Have you ever thought of utilizing backyard space to add style and elegance to your home?

Mostly, back yards are ignored other than the usual cleaning and trimming grass. Little do you know that the backyard can make your house stand-out in the community if used properly while giving you your own personal space to have a great time whenever you want.

Building a swimming pool is the best way to make use of your back yard space. A swimming pool is not just a water-filled hole in the ground. It can be your relaxing oasis to spend time in, with a little landscaping – just the escape you need from the hectic daily routine.

Now you might be thinking about the cost of swimming pool, aren’t you?

Well, we can assure you that you can get a swimming pool within your budget.

Here are six economical small inland pool ideas you should add in your pool project:

#1 Build a Tanning Shelf

Having a tanning ledge would give you a perfect spot to relax on a hot summer day in the pool. If your pool does not already have a tanning ledge, you can always add it to the side of the pool.

Usually, people who like to have pool furniture, water features, and a resting space go for a tanning shelf.

#2 Paint the Pool Dark

A question might pop up in your mind, why only dark? Why not some light or bold colors? This question has a straight-forward answer; because dark colors such as black, deep blue, and grey are trending these days. Contact Steve to find out why.

However, you can also choose any color of your liking.

#3 Install LED Lights

Hosting a pool party to brag about your new pool? Who would not love that? However, a pool party needs all the essentials to rock it.

Color changing LED lights can give a very funky and stylish mood to a pool party. Apart from pool parties, these lights would make your night swims much cooler.

Small LED lights are available for roughly around $ 1000- $ 1500.

#4 Build a Rock Waterfall

The surrounding landscape can impeccably be connected to the pool by a rock waterfall. Besides, it would also add an earthy look to the pool. The best thing about these waterfalls is that they can be installed on any side of the pool.

#5 Create Stone Walkways

Creating a stone walkway from door to pool will give an eye-catching feature to the pool area. You can let your imagination and creativity roam freely while choosing stone colors and designs.

Go for a color that matches the color of the pool deck or to make the pool area vibrant, a little mix-up would be better.

#6 Install fancy Waterline Tiles

What to do to bring your inbound pool design to the next level? Get fancy with waterline tiles. An apt waterline tile design would not only integrate the color scheme but incorporate any elements that you are trying to bring to your outdoor living area.

Bottom Line

There are numerous low budget ideas to build a pool and turn your backyard impeccable. Remember, before installing a pool or landscaping it, you should consider your liking and disliking. However, whatever design or style you want to install, a pool is an investment that you won’t ever regret.

Short on ideas of revamping your pool or wanting to build a new one? Worry no more.

Landscaping Melbourne knows how to transform a dull and boring back yard to a never-ending excitement.

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