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The Landscaping services that we offer are heavily varied so that whatever you need, we have got you covered.


Expertise across a wide range of areas

What makes us unique and a great company to work with is our expertise across a wide range of areas including:

Steve has his own orchard and farm, so he is well qualified to assist you on growing fruits and vegetables, tree selection and a wide variety of other skills.

What we will do for you

Step 1

Site Meeting and Detailed Quotation

Once you contact us we will meet with you to get a full understanding of your landscape requirements. Only after we understand your needs can we then provide you with a fully itemised and detailed quotation to complete your construction project.

If needed we can suggest ideas or design your landscape for you. We can even give you several ideas and designs to pick from.


Step 2

We get Permits and Approval if needed

Some landscape construction projects require building permits and approval from council or Yarra Valley Water. Having worked with a range of councils all over Victoria we have a great understanding of this process and can obtain any needed approvals or permits for you.


Step 3

Landscape Construction

The landscape construction stage is the most exciting part of the process. It is where you will see your property come to life.

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