Landscaping with rocks – here’s why you SHOULD be doing it

why you should be landscaping with rocks
why you should be landscaping with rocks

There are many benefits to landscaping with rocks, but the two most important ones, which are highlighted in this video is the price and the aesthetic

Landscaping with rocks, particularly in the Melbourne area, can save a huge amount of money for you. Not only this, it provides great definition for your garden.

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Look amazing
  3. Lasts forever

Can be used for retaining walls, fencing, and water features. All aspects that you can use in your front or back yard for your landscaping needs.

Although there are a few downsides to using rocks in your yard, the benefits hugely overshadow the downsides which make this form of landscaping great.

The pros and cons of renovating with rocks are as follows:


  1. Rocks keep weeds away from growing in your yard as easily
  2. Heavy rocks prevent your soil from eroding from heavy winds and the weather
  3. Using rocks for your landscaping results in very low maintenance costs as they just sit there and the grass and weeds don’t grow as much
  4. They last longer, so it becomes cheaper after the initial investment due to their durability


  1. If you want to remove the stones in your yard, you have to do it by hand, which takes a long time and is tedious.
  2. Rocks can raise the soil temperature dramatically due to how they absorb heat from the sun, which can lead to thirsty and stressed plants
  3. Wind will blow soil between rocks eventually, which can cause plants to grow in between your rocks.
  4. Because most trees prefer acidic soil, the alkaline soil that rocks create can be detrimental to your tree’s health

Although there are pros and cons for using rocks in your garden, the pros outweigh the cons due to low maintenance and the fact that it can look much better.

What separates the landscapes that just use grass and the ones that also use stones is massive. Rocks add definition and highlights the beauty of the plants in your garden, and although other hardscapes are just as durable, they require far more maintenance and do not look as natural when compared to stones.

For some projects, you might need to use mortar to bind the stones together, especially if it is for a footpath or a patio.

Not only can stones be used for patios and style, it can also be used for stone fences. Stone fences can provide great privacy and style to your garden so that you are satisfied with your landscape. Some other uses stone fences have are:

  1. Enclosing vegetable or flower beds/gardens
  2. Gaining privacy from the street so people can’t look into your yard
  3. Prevents erosion on a slope with retaining walls

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