Landscaping Salaries; How much do they make?

Landscaping Salaries; How much do Landscapers make?


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The video above details the amount of money a landscaper usually makes so watch it if you want to sate your curiosity or if you want to work in landscaping.

We are lucky to live in such a privileged country as to where even unskilled labour work can net you $18-$20 per hour minimum and it quite literally only goes up from there, as a foreman can make over $25/hr and a supervisor makes about $29/hr. This means that it has an above average pay grade, although it varies based on the area and availability of your work, but landscapers are almost always in demand so you can live more comfortably than the average person.

If you want to work in landscaping or in any other service that we provide for your homes, send us your details and we will see if we have a job for you in our various teams.

If you are looking into becoming a landscaper, you are making a great choice. Landscapers are in high demand in Australia which means that the opportunities are great. There are also many different options that you have in landscaping. If you are young and fit, being a labourer might be the best option for you to start with, which can gain you experience to move further up the scale at a later point.

If you are planning to be a landscaper in Melbourne, you will need to have knowledge of what plants and styles of landscaping can thrive in the varied, but cold climate.

If you have more questions about salaries or just landscaping in general, contact us.

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