Landscaping Salaries; How much do they make?

Landscaping Salaries; How much do Landscapers make in Australia?


The video above details the amount of money a landscaper usually makes so watch it if you want to sate your curiosity or if you want to work in landscaping.

Want To Be A Landscaper? Check Out How Much You Can Earn

Before setting out to adopt any career it is essential to understand the job requirements and the pay scales. It is important to know if all your hard work will be worth it or not.

Landscapers are responsible for maintaining outdoor spaces in any property. Most of their work consists of outdoor labor while a part of it includes office work as well. As this profession demands manual labor, there is a huge gender gap. There is a very small percentage of women employed as landscapers. The office work includes maintaining records, creating designs and plans, 3D modelling, and setting up meetings with clients.

Landscapers have to work in various environments and work with numerous tools. They have the expertise to manage a variety of equipment.  As a landscaper, you get to work with many new people and travel to different sites for jobs.


Job Description

If you aim to become a successful landscaper you’ll be expected to have a strong grip on the following tasks:

  • Repair, plant and maintain landscape areas
  • Activate, setup, and maintain irrigation systems
  • Prune shrubs and trees
  • Operate equipment and tools for mowing lawns and trimming
  • Treat land with pesticides and fertilizers as needed
  • Design and plan landscapes
  • Have knowledge and skill to create walkways, patios, fountains, and other outdoor settings


Career Paths

As a landscaper in Melbourne, you have several career paths from which you can opt for. In the majority of cases, individuals start as landscape gardeners. Landscape gardeners deal with the maintenance of equipment, pruning shrubs and bushes, assist in the installation of various system components, and work with manual equipment including shovels and rakes.

After a few years of experience as a landscape gardener, you can opt for being a landscape foreman. As a foreman, you'll have to manage the budget, form schedules, create plans, purchase equipment, and plants, come up with ornamental arrangements, and look after the nursery facilities.

Landscaper supervisors coordinate plan and oversee the projects, direst the staff, review contracts, direct the application of fertilizers and pesticides.


landscaper salary

Lanscapging salaries in Australia

As a landscape gardener in Melbourne, you can earn between AU$ 19.46 – AU$ 30.77 per hour. The salaries vary with experience. Landscape foreman makes between AU$ 23.63 – AU$ 36.90 per hour while landscape supervisors make about AU$ 24.27 – AU$ 35.83 per hour. There are annual bonuses at every stage that lie between AU$ 1,300 – AU$ 1,500.

These amounts may vary depending on your experience and the site of the job. As these amounts are more than the average salaries in Australia, landscaping is a good career choice. With more than 20 years of experience as a landscaper, you can easily earn AU$ 37.00 per hour. Some landscaping jobs provide health benefits along with the basic salaries as an added advantage.

We are lucky to live in such a privileged country as to where even unskilled labour work can net you $18-$20 per hour minimum and it quite literally only goes up from there, as a foreman can make over $25/hr and a supervisor makes about $29/hr. This means that it has an above average pay grade, although it varies based on the area and availability of your work, but landscapers are almost always in demand so you can live more comfortably than the average person.


Landscaping is an optimal career choice in Australia as the salaries good. With experience and knowledge, you can earn more easily. This field is welcoming to beginners and you can learn and gain skills as you work your way up the chain. However, good physical health is crucial as most landscaping work involves manual labor.

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If you are looking into becoming a landscaper, you are making a great choice. Landscapers are in high demand in Australia which means that the opportunities are great. There are also many different options that you have in landscaping. If you are young and fit, being a labourer might be the best option for you to start with, which can gain you experience to move further up the scale at a later point.

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