Is it Better to Build a Swimming Pool With Concrete or Bricks?

Is it Better to Build a Swimming Pool With Concrete or Bricks?

Usually pools are made out of concrete or fibreglass, but we had a question whether it is possible to build a pool out of bricks. The short answer is absolutely not.

The reason for this is that brick mortar is porous which means that all of the water in the pool can escape because it cannot hold water effectively.

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Is it better to build a swimming pool with concrete or bricks?

Building Material For Swimming Pools

Isn't summer just the best time of the year? The sun shining down with all its glory. Picnics, barbeques, and ice creams.

Most of all, hopping in the pool and letting the cold water overwhelm your body, providing a rejuvenating feeling as you close your eyes and float freely.

Thinking of having your very own swimming pool installed for poolside parties or relaxing with family?

They are great in uplifting your home and spirits, providing an ideal place for you to create lasting memories with friends and family while enlightening your heart and soul.

Once you do decide to get a swimming pool constructed in the place of your choice, a common question that arises is what material is best to have your pool made out of?

Let's explore whether a brick, concrete or fiberglass pool may be the right decision.

Brick Pools

A touch of traditional old-school houses – we are often drawn towards red-colored bricks as they glisten in the sun.

However, when you are considering constructing a pool, there are various aspects you have to keep in mind. While aesthetics are important, it's equally necessary to consider the strength of the structure.

The material used in a pool must not allow water to seep through and remain sturdy over a long period of time.
Bricks are known to be porous – allowing water to pass. Although the water won't leak instantaneously, it will be difficult to maintain a steady level.

Moreover, as they absorb moisture, brick foundations become weak and are not a viable long term option.

Concrete Pools

Concrete is the most common type of material used in building swimming pools. With more stable construction, concrete pools are not damaged by the weight of the water. Furthermore, they can be designed for any size or shape according to your preference.

What about the final outlook of the pool, you might ask? There are endless options to the way you can customize the pool to really stand out.

Tiles for the interior add a cooling effect, while stones and pebbles as the surface boundary provide nature like surrounding. However, before finalizing on concrete, you should take into account the installation time and cost.

They can take up to a few weeks of construction and you might want to get the work started a few months before summer arrives. Also, with the additional touchups on the beautification, the cost can be on the higher side.

Fiberglass pools

Many people opt for fiberglass for their swimming pools. Initial installation costs are 20% lower than concrete structures. Moreover, in the long run, there are minimal maintenance expenses.

If the idea of having your own swimming pool only popped up during the sunny season, fiberglass pools take only a week or two set up.

The material is durable and likely to withstand difficult weather conditions throughout its lifetime. However, with ease of construction, there are a few limitations.

Fiberglass pools come in pre-prepared sizes and colors.
Hence, there is not a lot you can do to design the pool according to your specifications.

Final Verdict

While a brick pool may not be possible, you can always decorate the surrounding floor and pave with bricks that add value to the pool experience.

From concrete and fiberglass, the choice comes down to you. If you're looking for creativity and customization - concrete is your answer with a variety of shapes and décor options.

However, if you prefer convenience when it comes to installation and durability, fiberglass is what you should opt for.

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Also, with the additional touchups on the beautification, the cost can be on the higher side.