How to save money building a retaining wall

How to save money building a retaining wall - Landscaping Melbourne

How to save money building a retaining wall

There are many different types of retaining walls. This includes:

  1. Natural timbers
  2. Redgum
  3. Steel
  4. Concrete
  5. Rocks
  6. Natural earth batters

It all depends on your application. When you have a skilled technician like us, there are ways to save money that are often thought of that we can provide. One of the ways is to reduce the costs are reducing the height of what you're wanting to retain, whether it be excavation or putting in multiple retaining walls instead of one big one.

A general rule for a secure retaining wall is having it as deep in the ground as it is above the ground, and some companies will skimp on this essential part of the foundation.

Retaining walls can be expensive, so we strive to give you an affordable price so you can get as much as you can done, for as little price as possible. Some landscapers may try and lower the price by skimping on essential parts of the retaining wall, mainly the foundation.

We have a policy to have the foundation be as far in the ground as the wall is above the ground to ensure a secure wall so that there won't be any issues in the long run, costing you even more money.

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