How to get the Perfect Lawn in Melbourne

How to get the Perfect Lawn in Melbourne

How to get the perfect lawn in Melbourne

The video above highlights some ways that you can get a perfect lawn. The first tip is that you need to determine the seasonal needs of your lawn. For example, if it's summer, your lawn would need more water.

The most important tip on how to get the perfect lawn is to just take care of it. Mow your lawn so it keeps nice and short, make sure it isn't too dry or wet, and it will keep nice and fresh.

A well maintained and fed lawn is able to sustain through dry weather far better than a lawn that isn't looked after properly. A great way to keep your lawn well maintained is to have sprinklers watering it regularly.

If you're going to use a sprinkler, you need to make sure that you get a quality one. Some features that are included with a high quality sprinkler are:

  1. Has a timer
  2. Adjustable pattern

To keep your lawn well-fed, you need to ensure that you get high quality fertiliser which will keep your lawn looking fresh and green. The best possible times to fertilise your lawn is during Autumn, Spring, and Summer, but if you do not want to fertilise 3 times a year, do it during Spring.

You need to look after your lawn and plants differently depending on the season. In summer for example, you need to keep your lawn hydrated. Not only that, you need to look after it by clipping it.

  1. Water lawn
  2. Ensure it is fed
  3. Ensure that you're maintaining it

When trying to adjust for the seasons for your lawn, it gets much more difficult when you are living in Melbourne due to the sporadic temperature, weather, and climate. To help with predicting the things that you should do generally for each season, we created the list below.


Summer is one of the hardest seasons to keep a healthy, perfect lawn in due to the high heat and dryness. Luckily for people living in Melbourne, it stays relatively cool and rainy compared to some other areas up north, so it becomes a bit easier to keep your lawn fresh. Some tips to help your lawn in Summer are:

  1. Make sure to give your lawn water so it doesn't dry out
  2. Apply high quality fertiliser
  3. Mow the lawn properly by leaving the grass to be a little bit longer than usual to provide shade to the roots.
  4. Look out for weeds as they can thrive in the hot, dry climate during summer.


Spring is the best season for your lawn due to it's great temperature, weather, and climate. Although your lawn may look patchy from winter, it will soon burst into a green, lush lawn.

  1. Like all other seasons, you need to use a high quality fertiliser so that your lawn can grow with great nutrients so it can last as long as possible during summer.
  2. Make sure your lawn is mowed
  3. Due to nights still being cold, wet soil will stay damp for longer. A good way to tell is if you put your finger into the soil. If it is still damp, do not water your lawn.
  4. Watch for weeds growing and pull them out before they overwhelm your lawn.
  5. Rake your lawn so that plenty of light can get to your grass and there isn't just dead leaves and twigs everywhere.


Autumn is the time where the weather is cooler and the days are shorter, which can be great for your lawn. This makes it the perfect time to prepare your perfect lawn for winter, where it may struggle with growth.

  1. Fertilise your lawn with high quality fertiliser to ensure growth of your lawn
  2. Make sure you water your lawn, as it is often neglected in Autumn due to the cooler temperature. However, heavy winds have similar effect to hot weather in terms of drying out your lawn.
  3. Due to the slowed growth of your lawn in Autumn, you should also mow your lawn less too.
  4. You should start to get rid of bindiis in Autumn as they begin growth in this season so you don't have to worry about being stabbed by them during summer.


Winter is a season where your potentially perfect lawn doesn't really grow well at all, so the maintenance in this season is especially low compared to other seasons.

  1. Do not fertilise your lawn during winter. As the lawn no longer takes as many nutrients and it's growth has slowed, it will just be a waste.
  2. Although winter seems like it is cold and therefore you don't need to water your lawn, it can surprisingly actually get dry during winter too.
  3. You only need to mow your lawn a few times during winter due to the decreased rate of growth of your lawn.
  4. Weeds often do not grow during winter, except for a few. In winter, you can still kill some bindiis if you haven't done it already.


All in all, it is quite simple to get the perfect lawn in Melbourne as long as you take into consideration the differences in the seasons. If you want some personal tips on what you should do, it is highly recommended to contact us for a free quote.