Garden and Ground Maintenance

Garden and Ground Maintenance

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5 Things You Need to Know for Proper Garden and Ground Maintenance

There’s no doubt that gardening is an interesting activity but it can be quite stressful too, especially if you’re not familiar with the process.

We know it’s quite disappointing to see your plants die despite you trying your best to take care of them.

This is why we’ve rounded up a list of the things you need to take care of for proper garden and ground maintenance.

1. Choose Your Plants Wisely
Different plants are suited to different environments. Before planting, you should find out what plants are most suitable for the region and weather conditions you live in as not all plants will flourish in those conditions.

You also need to decide how much effort you’re willing to put in maintaining your garden. If you’re planting vegetables, remember that the quickest to grow are radishes, salad leaves, bush beans, and spinach. Similarly, flowers that bloom soon after planting include sweet asylum, calendula, pansies, petunias, and marigold.

2. Take Care of the Soil

It’s common knowledge that plants get the nutrients they need from the soil. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to take care of the soil, especially its pH level. If the soil is even slightly acidic or alkaline, your plants won’t grow properly.

When the soil isn’t maintained properly, it gains a granular form, thus disabling air circulation (which is essential for plants). Ideally, the soil should be turned at least once monthly to make sure it remains loose. Also, don’t forget to add compost in it (read below to find out why).

3. Remember the Role of Compost

It’s a well-known fact that manure, also called compost, is essential for proper plant growth. Adding compost to the soil makes it healthy, keeps the pH intact, and also helps in maintaining the loose soil structure that plants need to flourish.

Although there’s both organic and non-organic compost available out there, the former is deemed to be more beneficial for plants. Regular and proper use of organic manure ensures that your plants get the nourishment they need to stay healthy. Cow dung is the most commonly used and recommended organic manure, but there are other options too.

4. Water Your Plants Regularly

This is a given. Everyone knows that plants need water to survive, but what most people don’t know is that this requires attentiveness as even a little neglect can harm your plants.

Remember to water plants on a daily basis to maintain proper moisture. The optimal time to water plants is in the morning when the temperature isn’t high and the sun isn’t shining too bright, as the water doesn’t get evaporated easily and the plants can absorb as much water as they require.

4. Remember, Weed is like Cancer  

Weed is dangerous for your plants as it absorbs the nutrients and water from the soil and also takes up unnecessary space that your plants might need to grow. Weed can be stubborn and spread quickly if not taken care of quickly and properly.

To prevent the growth of weed in your garden, try to plant the beds more densely. Using mulch can also be helpful in stopping the growth of weeds and retaining moisture in the soil. If the weed has already started to grow, then you’ll probably need a weeding tool to get rid of it completely.

Appoint Us for Your Garden Maintenance Needs

Tending to your garden requires time, effort, and a lot of knowledge.

If you feel you are not up to the task – feel free to reach out to us at Landscaping Melbourne. Taking over your garden as our own, we will ensure the beautification and upkeep of your garden and grounds.

We make sure that we will take care of your Garden and Ground Maintenance at an affordable price, so that you can get it done without breaking your bank.

Garden and Ground Maintenance includes de-weeding your yard, adding tiles, and much more. Contact us for more information.

Garden and Ground Maintenance Melbourne

Hiring Ground and Garden Maintenance Services

Pathways decorated with arches of lilies and roses, freshly trimmed grass, and cherries blossoming on trees – a magical sight.

We all want our grounds and gardens to present a picture of a royal palace. But the task on your own can be daunting.

Sometimes the sheer size of the lawns seems impossible to conquer. Afterall, learning about all different sorts of plants as well as trees and then taking care of then is a full-time job.

By hiring our team of skilled professionals for your office or home grounds, you can rest assured that your ground or garden will be professionally managed to provide an aesthetic outlook.

Uplifting View

Gardens provide a sense of welcoming. Whether clients are arriving for a meeting or relatives dropping by for a visit, the sight and scent of flowers is an instant mood brightener.

Even for those residing or working on the premises, a glance outside the window turns into a long admiration of the scenic view. It also makes for a pleasing stroll through the garden during free time.

Moreover, cobbled ground or tiled flooring adds to the value of the grounds.

They create a feeling of anticipation. One that we generally associate with a high-rise building in the center of the downtown area. Only this time, all the walkways lead to the same office.

Saving Time and Effort

If you have tried your hand in gardening, you know it takes lots of dedicated effort and loads of time.

While it's fun and more personalized, it is difficult to take out time from your busy schedules and pay the intricate attention the garden requires.

Ground and garden maintenance staff can look after all your plants and grass.

You can lay out your preferences and they can also advise creative ideas for your garden to really bloom.

Moreover, their services will include regular de-weeding and clearing of the grounds from litter and leaves.

This will save a lot of time for you to take the much-needed break after a tiring day or simply more opportunity to enjoy with the family.

Experience and Quality

Knowledge about every aspect of ground and garden maintenance is a special skill. One that professionals acquire over years of working on different projects.

Will too much water dampen the growth of a plant? How to deal with snow accumulating on the grounds?

Experts will know the answer to these questions and many more.

Even if you're looking to reinvent the lawn or yard, they can help design a classy new look to your garden.

They also guide you on the most efficient ways to spend on your home with the proper information. Hence, they end up helping you save on cost.


Cleaning is an integral part of safety.

Rats and pests feast on un-kept grounds and damage the gardens and also infiltrate the inside of the building.

With the right equipment, teams can keep an eye on these unwanted elements.

Moreover, they provide recommendations for your house to remain safe from intruders.

For example, a tree too close or too high that provides passage to entry can be removed. Or bushes, where someone can easily hide, should be cleared.

They can also help design natural segregation with a wall of trees or plants between your home and the neighbor's.

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