Fencing for animals

Fencing for Animals - Landscaping Melbourne

Here at Landscaping Melbourne, we know that keeping your animals fenced in your property is essential for keeping them safe and so they don't get lost. When contemplating getting a fence put up, it is highly recommended to consider many different styles of fencing depending on the aesthetic and general security that it provides as different fences are needed for different animals.

The different types of fencing includes:

  1. Electric fencing, which relies on a psychological barrier through causing electric shocks to those who touch it over a necessarily physically strong one
  2. Conventional fencing, which has a strong physical barrier, but doesn't have any psychological factor to stopping the animals from trying to escape

For example, cattle has a very large pressure on fencing due to their size and weight in comparison to other animals like sheep. This means that if you are trying to securely hold cattle, the fence will need to be sturdier than what would be needed for many other animals.

Another factor to consider would be whether it is an internal or boundary fence. A boundary fence needs to be more sturdy than an internal fence so if you are building both, ensure that that is the case.

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