5 Ideas for Front Yard Landscaping

5 Ideas (now extended to 12) for Front Yard Landscaping in Melbourne

Our video above highlights 5 ideas for landscaping your front yard, so that it can assist you with the planning process. Read on below to see 7 more ideas for landscaping your front yard.

If you want to ensure that everything will be a great success, you should contact us before you start landscaping to see if there are any other ideas or ways you should do it.

There are many options for landscaping your front yard, for example, as seen in the video, having a fruit or vegetable garden, extra parking. We can also make it maintenance free depending on your wants or needs.

Some of the ideas that we highlight in our video are:

  1. Vegetable garden so that you can easily grow your own vegetables
  2. Provides privacy so that people on the street can’t see into your yard
  3. Provides greenery so that it looks luscious and fresh
  4. Improves aesthetic so that you enjoy looking at your garden while relaxing
  5. Personal parking so you don’t have to worry about parking out on the road

Some extra ideas that aren't in the video, but are also very good are:

  1. Terraced garden which can add great texture to your garden
  2. Designated area so that you can entertain your guests in a comfortable outside area in your garden.

See below for our 7 latest ideas for awesone front yard landcaping in Melbourne...

5 ideas for Landscaping your front yard - LandscapingMelbourne

7 Stunning Ideas for Front Yard Landscaping

First impressions matter. The front yard of any house leaves a lasting impression on all the visitors. It’s the part of your house which greets your guests before they even step inside the house. We have some amazing ideas for your front yard that will leave your guests awed.

We can amp up your front yard and make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Here are 7 stunning landscaping propositions:

  1. Pathways

Adding pathways is an amazing way to make your front yard alluring. You can opt for stone, pebble, mosaic, limestone, or any other pathway. It makes moving across the yard easier and allows you to enjoy every bit of your yard as you walk through it. Stepping stones is another alternative to solid pathways and it adds a jolly look to the place.

  1. Window Boxes and Floral Borders

Who doesn’t love flowers? Floral borders are among the easiest decorations for your front yard. They add a cheerful touch and a splash of colors that gives your home a lively outlook. Seasonal flowers can be arranged throughout your yard in various patterns. By adding window boxes, you get to enjoy the view of your yard while sitting inside. In addition to this, they help draw the visitor’s eyes to the yard.

  1. Water Features

Water features add a fancy touch to your front yard. Fountains and other water settings can be the highlight of your front yard. If you are worried about not having adequate space for such features, no need to worry. We can help you set up miniature water features in the nooks of your yard. If you have a tough corner in your yard where plants struggle to thrive you can utilize it for setting up small water features.

  1. Stone platters

Plants arranged on stone platters receive more attention due to the raised elevation. In addition to this, they look neater and give a more creative outlook. By placing succulent plants on such platters, you can control their water supply in a better manner.

  1. Climbing walls

Climbing walls add to the aesthetic outlook of your yard and can be used as screens for privacy. They are ideal for climbers such as clematis. By altering the material and density of the climbing wall you can customize the look of your front yard.

  1. Cinderblock Plant Beds

Cinderblock plant beds add a modern touch to your front yard. They have a really neat and organized outlook. The dull color of the cinderblock makes the plants pop out making them more eye-catching. These blocks can be used for planting evergreen, succulents, flowers, ferns and so much more.

  1. Lighting

Ideal lighting is an amazing way to amp up any space. By adding suitable light poles along the walking paths or spotlights near the water features, can add an aesthetic touch to your front yard.

In addition to this, it gives a spacious look to the area. With amazing lighting, your front yard will look more appealing and enable you to enjoy the front yard day and night.


Your front yard is your home's first impression. Make sure it’s a lasting one. Step up your game and impress your guests with dazzling front yards.

We, at Landscaping Melbourne, provide numerous effective landscaping solutions for your yard that will make you love your home even more.

With our proven track-record of delighting homeowners across Melbourne, state of the art technological equipment, and highly qualified as well as experienced staff, you can count on us to deliver front yard landscaping of premium quality.

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