3 Ways to get the Best Garden for Melbourne Weather

3 Ways to get the Best Garden for Melbourne Weather

This video shows the 3 ways you can get the best garden for Melbourne's unique climate.

The first way is to acknowledge the differences in the seasons, summer being hot and dry, winter being cold and having frost, autumn having many leaves and plants whither, and spring when many plants bloom. If you want more detailed tips for your garden, contact us.

Taking into account the weather can be the main contributing factor in keeping your garden nice and beautiful. Another tip is that you need to take in to account the landscape of the garden, which means the shape, the general size, and the ground.

The best way to get a great garden in Melbourne weather is to have a large variety of different plants and flowers so there is always one blooming at any time, especially here in Melbourne where the weather can be sporadic.

For details on how to go about getting an awesome garden for Melbourne weather, read the full article below.

3 ways to get the best garden for Melbourne weather

How to Get the Best Garden for Melbourne’s Weather
Melbourne weather - 4 seasons in one day...

Melbourne is well-known for having a changeable climate throughout the year. It has a temperate climate with cool winters, warm to hot summers, and mild autumn and spring.

Spring does not start until late September and extends till late March. Comfortable gardening in Melbourne may be restricted to those six months but some species can extend the outdoor time for an additional month either side.

Two options can be opted for gardening in Melbourne; the use of native plant species or the use of Asian/North American plant species.

The first option is usually applied to public places and the latter implies to residential spaces that include the species such as buxus, nandina, camellia, conifers, viburnum, abelia, azalea, and photinia.

How To Prepare Your Garden?

In Melbourne’s specific climate, some plants thrive more than others but they all need proper care to grow. Spring season is the best time to get all the alterations done to your garden as you like.
To make your garden beautiful and attractive you must follow the following steps to make sure that your garden is well-prepared to cater to all kinds of plants according to the weather conditions.

1.     Gather the right tools

Different gardening shops offer tools that make your gardening easy and reduce the workload. There are many types of tools available according to the size of a particular garden.
The most essential gardening tools include:
·      Hand rake
·      Gardening scissors
·      Multipurpose soil knife
·      Digging fork
·      Bow rake
·      Hedge shearers
·      Water hose

2.     Prepare the soil

·      The soil of the garden must be well-prepared before planting the seeds because harsh winters make it somewhat infertile and harmful for some species of plants.
·      The soil in Australia is salty with a little number of natural nutrients. Dig the soil well before sowing the seeds and add a little gypsum.
·      Use animal manure instead of chemical fertilizers because they may impose a damage on the quality of the soil.
·      Remove all the dead growth with the help of a rake for better aeration.
·      Water the soil well and add organic mulch to help retain the moisture in the soil.
·      Add leaves, straw, and hay to promote the growth of beneficial normal flora of the soil.

Prepare the soil for Melbourne weather

3.     Composting

Composting is a very important factor for the better nourishment of soil. It helps in:
·      Improving the soil structure
·      Conserving moisture in the soil
·      Reviving established gardens

4.     Mulching

In Melbourne’s temperate climate, mulching is very necessary. It not only eliminates weeds but also:
·      Retain soil moisture during warm weather
·      Improves soil health by adding nutrients
·      Insulates soil roots
·      Minimize soil erosion

5.     De-weed and remove pests

Remove weeds with the help of a rake before they start spreading and eventually end up taking over your garden. Weeds tend to grow in well-nourished and freshly-prepared soil.
Take precautionary measures for pest control as well. There are many pesticides available in the market that do not damage the plants but works well on pests.

6.     Sow the seeds

Once the soil is prepared and all the pests and weeds are taken care of, it’s time to plant the seeds into the soil. The best time for sowing seeds is during spring season because the seeds develop strong roots, strong enough to bear the scorching summers.

Get best garden Melbourne weather

Best Plants Suited To Melbourne’s Climate

When it comes to growing plants, Melbourne offers a huge range of possibilities with its temperate climate and frequent rainfall. Whether you prefer native plant species or you’re taking the challenge of tropical garden, both are possible as long as factors such as your soil type, plant placement, and watering equipment are kept under consideration.

Here are some of the types of gardens you can opt for in Melbourne

-       Native Gardens
-       Coastal Gardens
-       Bush Gardens
-       Tropical Gardens
-       Edible Gardens

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