10 Rock Water Feature Ideas

10 Rock Water Feature Ideas

10 Rock water feature ideas (see article)

A rock water feature can change the overall look of your garden dramatically, it increases the beauty and adds some colourful detail to your garden so that it looks incredible.

Some of our ideas for rock water features are as follows:

  1. Simple Fountains - Simple fountains provide a place for wildlife to be drawn to, and it creates an audibly pleasing sound of running water with the added bonus of looking aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Water Garden - A water garden provides a moving, living part of your garden or landscape which can be associated with plants surrounding the pond.
  3. Shallow Pond - A garden bed detail that you have been looking for could be a shallow pond. This water feature enables plants to grow near it due to the wet roots that will come from the pond.
  4. Stepping Stones - Stepping stones are a great addition to water features, they are a great replacement for bridges because they allow you to walk over the water feature while still looking aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Vernal Ponds - Vernal ponds are when there is a natural looking small pond underneath the greenery in your landscape.
  6. Statue Features - Stature features are a great addition to water features as it can add more colour and style to make your water features more aesthetically pleasing.
  7. Seasonal Features - Seasonal features are great due to noticeable water value that you get even if you do not have much space for a water feature. It provides depth for certain plants, and also serves as an attraction for birds due to the multiple levels of water flow.
  8. Water Pads - Water Pads give a unique look to your garden. It makes it seem like water is coming from nowhere and disappearing into nothing, which means that this design has limitless possibilities with your creativity.
  9. Centrepiece - A Centrepiece is a feature that can be standalone. It is a fountain that gives the sound of a running river and can easily be blended in to the surrounding landscape due to its size.
  10. Patio Greenery - Patio Greenery is a great way to add a water feature to your home that is attached to your existing plumbing and using the space that is on walls. Not only does it provide a great water feature, it also keeps the soil moist for the plants that are beneath it.

If you wish to get any of these done and more, contact us and we will help plan and construct the rock water feature of your dreams.