10 Best Landscaping Ideas

The 10 best landscaping ideas for your backyard in Melbourne

10 best landscaping ideas melbourne

There are so many ways landscaping could change your garden or yard, increasing it's value when you sell or just increasing it's current value and giving you a huge amout of enjoyment.

Steve from Landscaping Melbourne has highlighted his top 10 recommendations on what you should have done to your yard.

There are many things to consider when you are planning to landscape your garden.

The first thing to consider is the weather; if you want space to play with your kids, have a plunge pool, or just to have your garden look amazing so you can admire the view when you are relaxing, you need to consider the amount of water gardens in Melbourne usually get.

These 10 recommendations are not completely needed for your garden, but we recommend it due to the general consensus that these ideas usually have and people tend to enjoy.

Our 10 ideas for landscaping your backyard:

  1. Create a room outside – A great way to add style and aesthetic to your backyard. It also allows great outdoor seating for family gatherings or when you have friends over so that your house doesn’t get cramped, or if you just want to relax outside.
  2. Woodland setting – A woodland setting can create an amazing environment for your backyard. It can be a wonderful addition to an outdoor seating area so you can relax while looking at your incredible scenery.
  3. Transition – Having stone paving and pebbles that lead to a grass lawn creates an incredible atmosphere while still having space to play sports or with your kids.
  4. Vegetable beds – Vegetable beds are a great addition to your backyard. They provide home grown vegetables and can provide a nice looking garden.
  5. Lush Lawn – The tall grass with stone pavement that crawls through it makes the garden look lush and green while still having the functionality of being able to walk through your garden.
  6. Cottage Garden – A cottage garden is great to have a backyard that feels cosy, yet is luscious and colourful. Because of this, there is great freedom in choosing the style that you want.
  7. Modern Highlands – A modern highlands style of landscaping in your backyard brings a fresh new look that isn’t centred around plants. It uses stone paving and pebbles to spruce up your backyard so it looks like the perfect modern garden.
  8. Two-level Yard – A two level yard adds a unique aspect of your back yard. It can be defined by brick retaining walls and adds a new appeal while being practical with your space.
  9. Fire Pit – A fire pit is a great practical application that allows for gatherings with family and friends during the night. It provides light and warmth and also a great atmosphere.
  10. Outdoor seating with Pergola – Having a pergola over outdoor seating provides an excellent aesthetic to your back yard, as well as an excellent place to gather with your friends and family.

If you contact us, we can come to your home for a free quote and we can give personal recommendations for what some good garden ideas.

If you want extra assistance with some ideas for your yard, you can check out our services page and we have a huge list of the different services that we provide.

The best time to call us for recommendations is when you are planning the landscaping to your garden as we can give the best advice when nothing has been done yet.